How to put on a Mori-chan style Tsuke Obi

Black and Rose Yukata

Obi are the traditional decorative belt worn with kimono and yukata. They also are used to spruce up modern wardrobe items like dresses and even t-shirts. Formal obi can be over 450 cm (14 2/3 feet long) and often require assistance in tying. Tsuke obi are modern obi which are made of more than one piece, and most are so easy small children can put them on with little or no help.
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Daikin Festival

Daikin Festival 2015

The other major Japanese festival I attend every year is the Daikin festival, sponsored by Daikin Industries. Held every year on the Friday before memorial at the Decatur, Al fairgrounds, the festival is inspired by Obon festivals in Japan. Dancing, games, free food, and hot air balloon rides make it lots of fun!
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Curved Sleeves? Or, why this picture is so funny….

THE "GAY 90s" in OLD JAPAN -- Pretty Is as Pretty Does

This picture (courtesy of Okinawa Soba) is a shot of three young gentlemen on vacation in Japan in 1890 something. The casual kimono they wear are the same as today’s, disregarding the pattern printed on the fabric and the padded hems; a functional but no longer necessary trend that went away in the 1920s (minus certain cultural displays by performers such as the infamous Geisha). So why is this picture so hilarious?
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