New Camera!

Hey guys, I gots the new camera! I still would like one good for micro pictures (bugs are notorious for being hard to capture without one, and bugs are my friends^^), but this one is a bit better than my old one, so no complaints here^^.

Frost on Leaves
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Spiced Tea

Happy new year everyone! Are you having a party, going out, or staying in all by your self (or with family)? Me, I’m just hanging out with a good book, a warm wrap, and a cup of hot tea.

Spiced tea

Doesn’t this look yummy? The recipe makes about a pint of spiced tea mix, so you try it yourself^^
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Christmas Lucia Buns

Lucia Buns
So, after the whole Saint Nicholas visit, the next tradition we have is the visit of Saint Lucy. No, we’re not Swedish, but it’s still so much fun. The youngest girl in our house dresses in a white gown, and wears a wreath of greenery in her hair. Maggie is old enough to carry the tray now, so it’s her turn^^
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Nordic snowflakes

The first Sunday in Advent means the beginning of a four week period filled with baking, decorating, and in my case, crafting. Here is a simple free pattern for a Nordic snowflake ornament designed by me. It takes me about an hour to make one, so you can whip up a snowstorm. Let the chaos begin!

(Seriously, if the hustle and bustle has caught you, remove yourself at once. Christmastide was not intended to have you pulling your hair out or have kids so wound up they cry. Or you cry. Ignore it for the day, watch a winter themed movie like Frozen and pretend it’s June^^)

Nordic Snowflake
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