Cruise, part 3; CoCoCay

Day three of our cruise had us pulling up to CoCoCay island; a private island with sand and beaches everywhere! They had an organized barbecue, kayaks, and snorkeling/scuba diving for those who wanted to rent the equipment. I ended up sitting next to the bloke who got drunk-lost in Nassau on the way back to the ship: the guy thought it was hilarious and kept joking about doing a repeat performance. Me and the rest of his bench mates were not amused.

The only bummer of the day for me was my hiking boots wandered off sometime in the afternoon. I had just got them broken in too, so now I need new boots -_-. It’s still better than horrible case of sunburn the twins got; they were giving Sebastian from the Little Mermaid a run for his money.

After establishing that my giant hat was something everyone wanted for any future vacations back to the boat we went. It was international night for dinner so I munched my way around the world, especially the ‘cheeses from around the world’ collection. So much cheese! A performance from the on-ship band finished off my night; no late night parties for me.^^

The fourth morning had us leaving the ship at 8:00 AM, and after a bit of a SNAFU at customs we got everything back in the van. (They tried to put us through two separate gates, but we had to go as a group because we left as one. We would of had to fill out 8 separate customs forms otherwise!) And then a 10 1/2 hour drive had us home and seriously ready for bed!

Ocean veiw
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Cruise, part 2; Nassau

On the second day of the cruise we entered a harbor in Nassau, Bahamas. After lunch all of us siblings disembarked  and wandered around the area.

After getting away from the tourist-traps and stalls we stopped at a little beach called Junkanoo. Our little corner of it lived up to the name; junk everywhere! The water was spotlessly clear, but the sand had bit of trash and a ton of sea glass that had washed up.There was also bits of damaged coral, which was both cool and kinda sad.

We came back to the ship for dinner, but some people stayed until curfew and departure; we ended up having to wait for one silly who stopped at a local bar and couldn’t figure out what time it was (or where he was or where he needed to go -_-) More on that later^^

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Cruise, part 1

After our little stop in Florida we headed down to Cape Canaveral. Of course I got lost driving through the piers and ended up going over the same bridge three or four times. I’m sure the police officer sitting nearby thought I was nuts, driving a twelve passenger van all over the place with no idea where I was going, but sometimes you just have to do a U-turn or three^^

We finally got onboard in time for muster drills (humming the Titanic theme was necessary, I swear >.<) and dinner.  A lot of dinner. I have now had escargot, which  was actually pretty good once you got over the whole snail part. Hard to go wrong with butter, cheese, and garlic.

Cape Canaveral
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After going to the Georgia aquarium we drove down to Florida. I tell you now, if you ever go to Florida stop at a Publix or CVS and get a Sunpass. Otherwise you’ll be stopping every 20 minutes to pay a 25c toll. Okay, that was a bit of an exaggeration, but not by much! A Sunpass made thing go so much faster; no toll stops at all^^

After getting to our Holiday resort (which was all posh and beach themed^^) we spent the next two days swimming in their super cool waterpark and wondering around the gardens which they passed off as landscaping. Have you ever been to a water park or resort?

Florida Welcome Dolphin
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