Saint Patrick’s Four Leaf Clovers

Saint Patrick‘s day is synonymous with Irish anything, the humble shamrock, and the color green. No idea what the official story on that last one (unless it’s a reference to the Great Potato Famine and mold, which would admittedly be more than a bit mean). I’m going to go with Ireland’s renowned natural beauty and abundance of plant life myself. I like plants^^
Four leaf clover kanzashi

This tutorial on how to make a four leafed clover kanzashi will help you cover two of the three. You can whip one up in less than an hour, so get those soon to be crafty fingers going! These guys are also pre-made in my shop^^
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Nordic snowflakes

The first Sunday in Advent means the beginning of a four week period filled with baking, decorating, and in my case, crafting. Here is a simple free pattern for a Nordic snowflake ornament designed by me. It takes me about an hour to make one, so you can whip up a snowstorm. Let the chaos begin!

(Seriously, if the hustle and bustle has caught you, remove yourself at once. Christmastide was not intended to have you pulling your hair out or have kids so wound up they cry. Or you cry. Ignore it for the day, watch a winter themed movie like Frozen and pretend it’s June^^)

Nordic Snowflake
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