Salford Cathedral

Salford Cathedral
Salford Cathedral is about 3 blocks away from the main campus; a good thing as the bells ring on the hour and I keep forgetting to bring a timekeeper^^
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Saint Patrick’s Four Leaf Clovers

Saint Patrick‘s day is synonymous with Irish anything, the humble shamrock, and the color green. No idea what the official story on that last one (unless it’s a reference to the Great Potato Famine and mold, which would admittedly be more than a bit mean). I’m going to go with Ireland’s renowned natural beauty and abundance of plant life myself. I like plants^^
Four leaf clover kanzashi

This tutorial on how to make a four leafed clover kanzashi will help you cover two of the three. You can whip one up in less than an hour, so get those soon to be crafty fingers going! These guys are also pre-made in my shop^^
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Appalachia in Fall

Driving through the Appalachian mountains is always beautiful, even in the dead of winter. But fall being my favorite time of year and me driving up to mid west Virginia means you get to see them in all their colorful glory^^

Depending on where you are in the Appalachian mountains you may hear them called the Rocky Mountains, the Smokey Mountains, the Highlands (often with a states’ name in front of them), or any number of other names. But when you are the oldest known mountain range, you probably get called a lot of things….

Appalachian Highlands
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