Of Bugs and Summer Flowers

Wasp on a coneflower
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Creepy in Nature

Nature has some pretty odd things, even in your own back yard. Take this caterpillar for instance. If you didn’t know where to look you might not know which end is which! (It’s the end towards the right….or is it?^^)

Question Mark Butterfly Caterpiller
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Apples and Pears; Preparing

Now that I have picked the apples and pears I need to do something with them. First thing’s first; sorting the fruit to make sure I use the fruit with problems first. Some of it has bruises, or where my local wild-life has proven the fruit is safe to eat. I’m looking at you woodchuck living in my backyard. I know this was you;

Preserving Apples 1

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Into the Brood Chambers

There’s a lot to see in this picture I took while rearranging this hive’s brood chamber.

Honey bees

One pair of workers are communicating with their antenna in the bottom left corner. A little closer to the middle from the left are two workers passing nectar to one another with their probosci. Just below them is a blurry worker tending to a larval bee (you can see her butt hanging out of the comb). A little more to the right from her is a worker with yellow pollen balls on the comb-like hairs of her back legs. This pollen will be used to feed the babies. And finally the bees in the upper left corner are flying out of the box; they were not happy with me poking around in their nursery!