Of Bugs and Summer Flowers

Wasp on a coneflower
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Apples and Pears; Preparing

Now that I have picked the apples and pears I need to do something with them. First thing’s first; sorting the fruit to make sure I use the fruit with problems first. Some of it has bruises, or where my local wild-life has proven the fruit is safe to eat. I’m looking at you woodchuck living in my backyard. I know this was you;

Preserving Apples 1

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Into the Brood Chambers

There’s a lot to see in this picture I took while rearranging this hive’s brood chamber.

Honey bees

One pair of workers are communicating with their antenna in the bottom left corner. A little closer to the middle from the left are two workers passing nectar to one another with their probosci. Just below them is a blurry worker tending to a larval bee (you can see her butt hanging out of the comb). A little more to the right from her is a worker with yellow pollen balls on the comb-like hairs of her back legs. This pollen will be used to feed the babies. And finally the bees in the upper left corner are flying out of the box; they were not happy with me poking around in their nursery!