My name’s Heather, and I’m a graduate student who likes bugs, microbes, and parasites. Now that I have completely grossed you out I am also a crafty business owner, nature lover and bibliophile.

Mori is the Japanese word for forest, while chan is a cutesy way of saying Miss. I love nature and handicrafts of all types, and began combining the two to help fund my college education. Thus Mori-chan’s Garden was born!

I’m always up for trying something new, though the “rules” may just be designated as ideas. Right now I am inspired by traditional Celtic and Japanese art forms. It may sound like an odd combination, but there are a lot of similarities!

This blog is going to end up with everything but the kitchen sink. I never know what I’m going to end up posting next, and neither will you. Day to day, patterns, recipes, that time I sewed a sleeve on upside down, it’s all going to be here. If I remember to post….^^

Mori-chan’s Garden also has a shop, so if you see something you like on the blog feel free to contact me. I love questions!


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