On the way to class this morning….

Union Jack
I spied Union Jack.

Newly planted grass sign
And then since they’re repaving the sidewalks on the main campus there’s a lot of new grass being planted. With cute no-steppy-on-the-grass signs everywhere^^

Front Lawn at Peel Campus
I’ve been told this well is still functional; it’s been here a couple hundred years, and hopes to provide water for a few more if needed.

Front Lawn at Peel Campus
A statue of the Prince Consort (Queen Victoria’s husband) on the campus green.

Maltball pit at Uni
They had bikes set up to power smoothie machines, this malt ball pit for winning M&Ms if you could get a red ball out using your feet…

PG Tips Monkey
And the PG Tips Monkey was there to greet new students with tea (which really is everywhere at all times)

Peel Building
Peel, the health-related sciences and zoology building. Peel is the last name of Robert Peel, who organized the first police force (and why the UK calls them Bobbies^^)

Wrought iron fence
Fencing around the building. Aren’t the flowers cool?

Window over door in the peel building
Stained glass over the door

Peel building plaque
And the dedication plague over some cool tiles, which are everywhere in the building

How Brits keep students from sliding down banisters
How Brits keep people from sliding down the banisters (OUCH)

There's stained glass in the labs...
More stained glass on the staircases

And I’m off to class!


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