Wandering around Salford

Buildings in Salford
A residence in downtown Salford. Note the buses; they get all backed up and everyone’s late^^

Tavern in Salford
It’s raining, in England? I know you’re shocked.

Former textile merchant guildhouse
Here’s another 200 year old building that is now an apartment complex. It used to be a textile manufacturing hall.

Former textile merchant guildhouse
A lot of the oldest buildings in Salford have bell towers; fires were serious business in the manufacturing quarters.

Buildings in Salford
I love how plants grow wherever they want; sometimes butterfly bushes just want to grow out of your chimney, or a rowan tree out of your shingles…

Former firehouse
I have yet to decide why there is a statue of a sphynx (with a guys head and female breasts) outside a fire station. Maybe I’ll figure it out soon^^

Buildings in Salford
And this Jane Austin-style castle is actually a former hospital, and currently a law firm. I wonder what it takes to get office in there…

Fountains in Salford
This girl playing in the fountains is way braver than I am; with the temperatures bouncing between 18-4C (68-39F) I’ll pass.

Street view
In all seriousness I think I need some hot tea now^^


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