How to put on a Mori-chan style Tsuke Obi

Black and Rose Yukata

Obi are the traditional decorative belt worn with kimono and yukata. They also are used to spruce up modern wardrobe items like dresses and even t-shirts. Formal obi can be over 450 cm (14 2/3 feet long) and often require assistance in tying. Tsuke obi are modern obi which are made of more than one piece, and most are so easy small children can put them on with little or no help.

The Mori-chan style tsuke obi is one way I make obi. It uses Velcro to fasten, and can be disassembled for cleaning/ironing; since they are made with cotton you can just throw them in the washing machine and dryer.

pink Mori-chan tsuke obi

The first part on a Mori-chan style tsuke obi looks like this. This is the part that goes around your waist. It has a fabric loop on the top and velcro on the ends so you can wear it.

pink Mori-chan tsuke obi

The second part is a long ribbon-like piece that makes the bow. You need to fold it into thirds; one end should be folded inside the bow, the other should be showing like at the bottom of this picture.

pink Mori-chan tsuke obi

To put it together you need to flip the whole bow over, so that the loose end is down. Take the side of the bow with the end inside and pull it through the loop like this.

pink Mori-chan tsuke obi

Your bow should look like this when you have finished. See the end of the of the bow peeking out? You want to gently pull both ends down (don’t pull too hard or you’ll untie it!)

pink Mori-chan tsuke obi

Finally, fluff the bow out and your obi should look like this! This is the most popular bow for children of both genders. It is also almost the only bow used with yukata by adult women. It is called a Chou or butterfly knot. Do you see the wings?


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