Spider webs/Dreamcatchers

Would you like to learn how to weave this spiderweb dreamcatcher?

You’ll need;
thread (We used #10 crochet thread)
Long thin twigs or other suitable ring material
beads, yarn, feather, and other decorations.

1, Weave or acquire a round frame. We used young privet branches, but you can use any kind of bendable twig, or get something premade. Really, anything works as long as it’s round^^

2, If you want to dye/tie dye your thread, get it good and wet, and then brush a bit of thin acrylic paint on it. This example is tied in the middle for a variegated color.

See? We then wrapped the the dried thread around a piece of cardboard for easier weaving.

3, To start weaving tie the thread to the ring and begin going around it as shown. You can tie actual knots if you prefer, but this loop method is more forgiving for beginners.

4, When you get all the way around the ring continue back around going through the loops. You will want to tighten them a little bit as you go so the weaving lies flat and not like a bag^^

You may also skip a loop if that helps with keeping it flat.

5, If you want to add beads string them on the loose end of the thread whenever you want.

6, Continue weaving (and maybe beading) until the circle is filled. You may find you need to go back and tighten something. Another way is to simply pull the circle in the middle shut. So these are more like spider webs than dream catchers. Hmm, Halloween possibilities….

To finish you can wrap the ring in thread, yarn, or fabric/lace/leather scraps. You can tie feathers or beads to it, or tassels might be cool.

If you make one send me a picture!


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