Christmas Lucia Buns

Lucia Buns
So, after the whole Saint Nicholas visit, the next tradition we have is the visit of Saint Lucy. No, we’re not Swedish, but it’s still so much fun. The youngest girl in our house dresses in a white gown, and wears a wreath of greenery in her hair. Maggie is old enough to carry the tray now, so it’s her turn^^

1 cup hot milk
1/2 stick butter, cubed for melting (little pieces)

1/4 cup sugar
2 1/2 tsp yeast

1 egg + egg yolk
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 tsp cardamom
3 cups all purpose flour

1 egg white

1 cup hot water and 1/4 cup dry milk can be used instead of the warm milk.
Currants, cranberries, or other dried fruit instead of raisins


Lucia Buns
1, First combine the butter and hot milk. When the mixture has cooled to bathwater-warm, add the sugar and the yeast. Allow it to sit for 5 minutes (it’s a good time to separate that egg)

Lucia Buns
2, Add egg and egg yolk, cardamom, and a cup of flour.
Mix well, then add the salt and the rest of the flour a bit at a time.

Lucia Buns
3, Knead (play-dough time^^) for about five minutes, then oil the surface and cover with a towel.

Lucia Buns
4, Wait 45 minutes, or until the dough has doubled.

Lucia Buns
5, Punch the dough down, then divide the dough into 20 equal parts. Form each part into ropes about 6 inches long.

Lucia Buns
6, Put two ropes in an x shape on a greased cookie or baking sheet, then curl/roll the ends up towards the middle. Repeat for all the remaining bits. Allow the buns to rise for about 30 minutes.

Lucia Buns
7, Remember the egg white? Mix that with a tablespoon or so of water. Put a raisin at the center of each arm/curl of the bun (4 for each bun), then brush the buns with the egg white mixture.

Lucia Buns
8, Bake at 350 F for 15 – 20 minutes. They are done when they are golden brown. Best eaten warm; and they keep well in the fridge.


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