Saint Nicholas Day

Happy Saint Nicholas Day! In several cultures, this is the day Saint Nick (or Santa Claus, or Father Christmas) comes to visit, and leaves gifts in shoes or stockings. He sure left a lot of stuff in my shoe^^

Saint Nicholas Shoes
Here are some ideas to celebrate yourself!

Saint Nicholas Shoes
But this might be my favorite Saint Nick trick^^

Saint Nicholas was actually a real person; he was the bishop of Myra (modern Turkey) in the early 300’s. Here’s a picture some forensic sand anthropological experts came up with using facial reconstruction, average eye/skin colors from the area, and the typical hair cut for a man of his age at the time.

The Real face of Santa Claus

He was known among other things for his personal generosity and his defense of children, particularly those in poverty or in danger of being sold into slavery/prostitution. One legend has him climbing a latter up to the room of three poor young women and dropping gold into their shoes which may be where the Christmas shoes, and later stockings, come from.

Almost a thousand years later he became a favorite among many children due to the sisters that taught them; the nuns used his feast day as an excuse to collect food, clothing, and toys in time give them to the poor among their students for Christmas. Who doesn’t like presents?

Speaking of presents, here’s a little something from me to you; a contest to win one of these!

To enter, click on the linky below^^


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