Monticello (with braised artichoke recipe^^)

While in Virginia I had to stop at Monticello, the home of Thomas Jefferson. I had never been before, so I had some locals show me around. And by locals I mean my grandmother^^


Apparently one of my ancestors help maintain the gardens at Monticello while Jefferson lived here. The kitchen garden alone is over 1000 feet long; that is a lot of weeding!

Monticello means “little mountain” in Italian; being built on top of a hill means the views are amazing^^

Grandma always looks like she belongs in fancy gardens. The little building you see behind her was built so Jefferson could read outside while still being inside. Super fancy^^

Vineyards and random fruit trees. Jefferson liked his food plants. He also liked his wine; a whole cellar is dedicated solely to wine, with a dumbwaiter going right up to the dining room.

What did I tell you about views?

Jefferson also liked mechanical stuff; he built this clock himself^^

This is the side of his house that you see on a US nickel.

More awesome views. If my house overlooked something like this I’m not sure I’d ever leave!

Thomas Jefferson’s kitchen. Along one wall are openings used like a stove top. And he really liked his pasta; he ate noodles almost every day. Yum^^

Here’s a recipe for braised artichokes with herbs given out at Monticello.
Braised artichoke recipe

Braised artichoke recipe

Appalachia in Fall


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