Creepy in Nature

Nature has some pretty odd things, even in your own back yard. Take this caterpillar for instance. If you didn’t know where to look you might not know which end is which! (It’s the end towards the right….or is it?^^)

Question Mark Butterfly Caterpiller
Question Mark Butterfly Caterpillar

Or this nest of gypsy moth caterpillars, with a web-like nest and the ability to strip ever leaf of a tree all by themselves;
Gypsy Moth Nest
Gypsy Moth Nest

Or this giant spider web made by an orb weaver spider
Spider Web
Abandoned Orb Spider Web

A seemingly boring weed demands a whole new viewing when you know it goes by the nick name “deadly nightshade”
Belladonna (Nightshade)

And this guy is lucky to still have his head this time of year, what with mantis ladies being literally man-killers.
Preying Mantis
Praying Mantis

These pretty little green-black birds are actually plotting next years egg laying in some unsuspecting song bird’s nest!
Cowbird Invasion


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