Apples and Pears; Preparing

Now that I have picked the apples and pears I need to do something with them. First thing’s first; sorting the fruit to make sure I use the fruit with problems first. Some of it has bruises, or where my local wild-life has proven the fruit is safe to eat. I’m looking at you woodchuck living in my backyard. I know this was you;

Preserving Apples 1

If bugs gross you out you might want to skip the rest of this post!

Apple bugs
You should look around the flower or bottom end of the apple for a brown ring or signs of being squishy; either says a baby fruit fly has probably taken up living in the apple. It’s usually easy to take care of though; they tend to stay near the core, and you don’t want that anyway. Just cut out wherever he/she has been munching^^

Apple bugs
And here’s our new friend…. If you put the fruit you think has a bug in a mixing bowl full of water, they often crawl out by themselves. You need to wash the fruit anyway, so you can just dump the water outside and not have to worry about surprise meetings!

Apple bugs
Except for this lone guy; he popped out of an apple while I was cutting it. Only earwig I saw the whole time.

Preserving Apples
Occasionally you get a false positive; this apple had no signs of anything but apple once I cut it open.

Pears usually are so hard that I don’t find fruit flies in them until they are over-ripe (I picked mine while not quite ripe, so skipping that problem^^). They do get damaged around the stem though, especially if you aren’t careful when you pick them and then wait to do something with them for a day or two.

Just cut the stem ends off and the rest of the fruit should be good to go!

Fruit with obvious bruises and cuts on the outside should also be cut up a soon as possible. If you go through your fruit when you first get it you will save a lot of time later (not to mention fruit flies in your kitchen^^)

And of course, apple/pear seeds are not good eating, so cut out the cores while you’re at it^^

Preserving Apples 3
You can throw the prepared fruit into a bowl of water with a splash of lemon juice to keep them from turning brown while you’re working on more!


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