Apples and Pears; Harvesting

For some reason our pear and apple trees dumped buckets this year. Now the apples could have been because we cut down the ceders; ceders often have a virus that apple trees pick up and then don’t produce fruit from the affected flowers. But the pears? You got me^^

Robert picking apples
Robert; picker of apples

Apple trees are happiest when you pick the apples; vacation time!

Apples 2
Cooking apples are so colorful. They taste good too (after they’re cooked that is^^)

Of hornets beware when picking pears; wasps won’t share, but bees don’t care^^
A trio of pears

This pear was improperly pollinated, hence the wonky shape. Many fruits and veggies are the same way


7 thoughts on “Apples and Pears; Harvesting

    • Homegrown fruits and veggies always taste the best, don’t they?

      Our apple tree is probably over 60 years old, but our pear trees are only about 13-14 years. We planted them as 10 year old seedlings we bought from a nursery, and they weren’t very expensive (about 3000 in yen). They started making fruit the year after we planted them. Do they sell little fruit trees near where you live? If you planted an already growing tree you could have apples sooner then you think!

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