Tree-ear (aka black fungus) is a type of fungus used in a lot of Oriental foods. It’s called tree-ear because it looks like bunch of leathery ears when it grows around the sides of trees. It goes great in egg rolls, stirfries, and noodles; just soak the dried fungus in hot water, cut it up, and throw it in with your veggies or meat to cook. 2-3 minutes should do it!
Yakisoba 2
It doesn’t look like ears at all in these noodles^^

Tree-ear 3
Dried tree-ear isn’t very nice looking, is it?

Tree-ear 2
Soaking it in hot water for a few minutes has it perked up and ready to cook.

Tree-ear 1
When you cut the tree-ear there are sometimes hard bits; just throw those away. That is how the fungus was attached to the tree, and it’s very hard to chew^^



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