Cruise, part 3; CoCoCay

Day three of our cruise had us pulling up to CoCoCay island; a private island with sand and beaches everywhere! They had an organized barbecue, kayaks, and snorkeling/scuba diving for those who wanted to rent the equipment. I ended up sitting next to the bloke who got drunk-lost in Nassau on the way back to the ship: the guy thought it was hilarious and kept joking about doing a repeat performance. Me and the rest of his bench mates were not amused.

The only bummer of the day for me was my hiking boots wandered off sometime in the afternoon. I had just got them broken in too, so now I need new boots -_-. It’s still better than horrible case of sunburn the twins got; they were giving Sebastian from the Little Mermaid a run for his money.

After establishing that my giant hat was something everyone wanted for any future vacations back to the boat we went. It was international night for dinner so I munched my way around the world, especially the ‘cheeses from around the world’ collection. So much cheese! A performance from the on-ship band finished off my night; no late night parties for me.^^

The fourth morning had us leaving the ship at 8:00 AM, and after a bit of a SNAFU at customs we got everything back in the van. (They tried to put us through two separate gates, but we had to go as a group because we left as one. We would of had to fill out 8 separate customs forms otherwise!) And then a 10 1/2 hour drive had us home and seriously ready for bed!

Ocean veiw

Ocean view

The Enchantment of the Seas
The Enchantment of the Seas pulled up as close as it could get to the shore, A five minute ferry ride could get you to the beach or back. The ship staff were very helpful; with 64 different nationalities represented on board you could find someone who spoke your native language if you got lost!

Hermy the Hermit Crab
Hermy the Hermit crab.^^

CoCoCay Beach
CoCoCay Beach. I was really impressed with the cleaning staff; the grounds were immaculate, with frequent trash patrols and happy wildlife.

Sail Boat of the Coast of CoCoCay
A sailboat headed for harbor on the other side of the island.

How not to Sit in a Hammock
How to not sit in a hammock. At least not really big hammocks like this. I almost fell out^^

A Conch in It's Shell
A conch in it’s shell

Rain on the Ocean
Rain over the ocean

Sunrise in Cape Canaveral
Sunrise over Cape Canaveral. If you look closely at the water you can see the dorsal fin of either a dolphin or a shark. Probably a shark^^

Where is the furthest you’ve ever been from home?

Cruise, part 1.

Cruise, part 2; Nassau.

Summer Lovin'.


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