4th of July

The 4th of July is where we Americans celebrate a bunch of guys signing a piece of paper stating that we were seceding from England, and would like to be considered our own country thank you very much. (It took a couple of wars to actually separate us, but as one of my old teachers told me; if you didn’t write it down it didn’t happen)

We often celebrate by trying to prove we are patriotic via covering everything in red white and blue, setting off fireworks, and grilling every meat and meat product available. How this has anything to do with independence I have no idea, but we do it. It’s not even close to having as bizarre rituals as  as the Hindu festival of Lath mar Holi, or the Japanese Hōnen Matsuri, so it’s all good. Fireworks for everyone! ^^

Fireworks 6Fireworks complements of Lawence county. Isn’t this purple one pretty?

Random boy with a sparkler. See the fire truck behind him? It came in right handy when one of the fireworks decided to tip over and set some bushes on fire^^

Fireworks 8
It’s like a Kiku (spider mum)!

Fireworks 4
And this double one is super nifty.

Fireworks 2
Stardusters are always nice^^

When is the last time you saw a fireworks show?


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