Cruise, part 2; Nassau

On the second day of the cruise we entered a harbor in Nassau, Bahamas. After lunch all of us siblings disembarked  and wandered around the area.

After getting away from the tourist-traps and stalls we stopped at a little beach called Junkanoo. Our little corner of it lived up to the name; junk everywhere! The water was spotlessly clear, but the sand had bit of trash and a ton of sea glass that had washed up.There was also bits of damaged coral, which was both cool and kinda sad.

We came back to the ship for dinner, but some people stayed until curfew and departure; we ended up having to wait for one silly who stopped at a local bar and couldn’t figure out what time it was (or where he was or where he needed to go -_-) More on that later^^

Nassau Harbor
Nassau Harbor. This was much how the whole island was; beautiful scenery, trash in odd places, and brightly colored everything.

Patrol Boat
Here’s a shot of a patrol boat; customs were a lot fater than those in the US. A quick peek to make sure you match your passport and you’re good^^

Nassau Light House
Nassau Lighthouse

Nassau Beach
A little patch of beach out in the middle of nowhere. Do you see how blue that water is? You easily could see ten feet!

There was a pirate ship moored in next harbor over from where we were parked. I think it’s part of the Atlantis tour.

Clear water
Three feet of water, and you can still see the annoying hairs that grow on my big toes. Maybe I’m part hobbit? You can also see bits of white coral and sea glass.

Coconut Tree
And a random coconut tree. I have seen palm trees, but coconuts were a new one for me^^

Cruise, part 1.


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