Cruise, part 1

After our little stop in Florida we headed down to Cape Canaveral. Of course I got lost driving through the piers and ended up going over the same bridge three or four times. I’m sure the police officer sitting nearby thought I was nuts, driving a twelve passenger van all over the place with no idea where I was going, but sometimes you just have to do a U-turn or three^^

We finally got onboard in time for muster drills (humming the Titanic theme was necessary, I swear >.<) and dinner.  A lot of dinner. I have now had escargot, which  was actually pretty good once you got over the whole snail part. Hard to go wrong with butter, cheese, and garlic.

Cape Canaveral

Cape Canaveral harbor. Definitely not a sand-covered beach, but we’ll get there^^

To the Cruise
Make sure you have your paperwork completed, and group yourselves by lead adult for each room if there are children involved. Our arms about fell off waiting for the desk lady to get us sorted out.

Fishing Boat
A random little fishing boat.

Recycled Artwork
Every floor has original artwork displayed in the halls and stairwells. This is made of recycled cans and other scrap metal^^

Ocean Sky
Ocean Sky

More dessert than I need....
More dessert than I need. However, I ate all of it by myself. If you ever go on a cruise be sure to pack stretchy pants; you’re going to need them^^

What’s the ‘weirdest’ thing you have ever eaten?


Our previous stop; Florida.


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