Of Mushrooms and Nook-cases

I love mushrooms. They are delicious and cute at the same time (at least the edible ones), and someday I would like to learn how to gather them myself. Unfortunately that’s probably one of those things I can’t teach myself; one little mushroom looks much the same as the next, especially when all you have to go by is pictures in old books with not-so-good pictures.

Mushroom Family

I have no idea if these mushrooms would be better sauted in butter or used as rat poison^^

This shaggy one at least has ants poking at it. Edible? No? See my problem?

Mushroom Family 2
And these little guys are probably best left to do their own thing.

Mushroom Nook Case
I just finished this mushroom-themed denim nook-case, which will be available in my shop soon^^

Nook Case Lining
It’s fully lined and all visible seams are handsewn

Plain Nook Case
I can embroider other designs if you’d prefer. Or you could go with a plain nook-case. Plain is kind of boring though

What design would you want if you had one of these?


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