After going to the Georgia aquarium we drove down to Florida. I tell you now, if you ever go to Florida stop at a Publix or CVS and get a Sunpass. Otherwise you’ll be stopping every 20 minutes to pay a 25c toll. Okay, that was a bit of an exaggeration, but not by much! A Sunpass made thing go so much faster; no toll stops at all^^

After getting to our Holiday resort (which was all posh and beach themed^^) we spent the next two days swimming in their super cool waterpark and wondering around the gardens which they passed off as landscaping. Have you ever been to a water park or resort?

Florida Welcome Dolphin

A dolphin statue at a Florida welcome center. They had free orange juice courtesy of local citrus farmers, and it tasted like liquid sunshine^^

Fairy Vine
I have no idea what this fairy vine is called, but it reminded me of ‘Horton Hears a Who’ by Dr Seuss. Look at the little balls on the ends.

Lizard on a Bird of Paradise
A lizard on a bird of paradise plant. I really liked how they had the grounds set up to be as friendly to local wildlife as possible; they had bird sanctuaries, carefully preserved marshlands, and even places for the lizards^^

Bird of Paradise plant
An orange and purple bird of paradise plant. They also had pale grey and dusty purple ones that were trees. I didn’t know they were trees, but now I know and so do you >.<

Pool fountains
These fountains were part of the water-park, which also had shops, a rafting area, and giant slides.

Sunset on Spanish Moss
Sunset on spanish moss.

For the rest of our trip see;
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