Georgia Aquarium part 2

The first stop on our trip was the Georgia aquarium. It was great! I have been to the Chattanooga aquarium, but each aquarium has new animals to look at. The Georgia aquarium has whale sharks, and the biggest rays I have ever seen even in books!

With a wingspan of over 8 feet, this ray was amazing to watch swimming around so gracefully. He looked like he was flying!

Whale Shark
Whale Sharks are harmless filter feeders, who just happen to be the biggest fish on the planet. This guy had a whole school of fish accompanying him like a king and his entourage.

Finding Nemo
A clown fish hiding from the camera in a sea anemone. It’s like Finding Nemo^^

Common Jellyfish
These dancing jellyfish looked like tiny parachutes.

Eel Garden
Known as garden eel these little guys made their own forest.

Lion Fish
Sure, these lionfish are pretty; they are also venomous and invasive. Lionfish are so destructive of native areas that several states have rewards for reporting/ removing them.

Sea Urchins
These sea urchins were fun to (gently^^) poke. The spines were blunt, and would try to grab your finger.


Part 1 here: Georgia Aquarium, part 1.
For more on the aquarium see


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